Institution Visits

Visits to the SAC hostels provide a window into the lives of the children being supported. Presented here are a few testimonials of Donors who have visited SAC hostels in various regions of India, providing a firsthand account of the schools, accommodation and daily routine of the children.

महर्षि वाल्मीकि सेवा संस्थान नौगढ़ उ प्र

During our visit to Varanasi, the most ancient and most historical and spiritual city in the world, we wanted to visit local SAC hostel. Shri Radhey Shaym Dwevedi ji , one of the sewa pramukh of VHP arranged our trip. We drove about 80 KM to…

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मातृ छाया ट्रस्ट गोवा

We had the opportunity to Goa in January 2015 to attend our friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was exciting to enjoy Goa’s beach and experience very differed culture.

I saw SAC hostels’ list and discovered that Goa has girl’s hostel called…

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कोच्चि होस्टल (केरल ) भाषा से परे एक अनुभव

This February 2017 we were thrilled to tour Kerala, the land of tea gardens, natural beauty and beaches, the birth place of Aadi Shankaracharya and the land discovered by Rishi Parshuram ji.

We had the opportunity to visit a boys SAC…

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मातृ अंचल कन्याविद्यापीठ हरिद्वार

During our frequent visits to Bharat, we decided to visit at least one SAC hostel every year. In Jan 2014 we visited Girls hostel (मातृ आँचल कन्या विद्यापीठ , हरिद्िाि) in Haridwar, UP. This hostel has 28+ girls, but during day time more girls…

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