Visit A Hostel

When you support a child, your donation goes towards the education and the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of that child. For the child, that could mean a safe place to stay, food, education, access to health care, guidance and more. For you, the donor, it would mean a commitment to the lofty goal of "Nar Seva, Narayan Seva" - Service to Mankind is Service to God.

To experience first hand the good brought about by your donations, you can visit the child/children you have sponsored by completing the "Visit A Child" form. Your information will be sent to the volunteers at the location you wish to visit and they will arrange for your visit. You will get a tour of the SAC hostel hosting the children, and the school they attend. You will be able to interact with the children and watch them participate in various academic, extracurricular, and sports activities.

You can learn more about "Visit  A Child" by reading the testimonials of donors who have visited these hostels in Bharat. You may visit the child/children you have sponsored, or any SAC hostel convenient to you.

Please email us at if you have any questions. Support a child today, and be a part of the effort to build a better, stronger Bharat.