Support A Child

Support a child scheme

Give a child the gift of education Many are waithing for your support - $250 a year can change life. Your gift of less then dollar a day will provide a child with Boarding, Loading, Education and Sanskar.

Most of the victims (women) of social ill are from lower income group families. We can strengthen girls through Support a child (daughter)

One can support a child by paying us $250.00 yearly to meet lodging and boarding pay US$300.00 to meet the full expenditure on account of educational & medical as well as lodging and boarding expenses of a child.

How to Contribute To Support-A-Child Program

  • By adopting one or more children - paying $250.00 per year for each.
  • By introducing this scheme to your friends and relatives.
  • Your donations are tax deductible. IRS Tax ID # 51-0156325
  • SAC program caters to all, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity


S.No Photo Students Name DOB Class Father's Name Mother's Name Caste Favorite Item Favorite Game
01 Nagaraju 25-6-2006 LKG Kari Lingappa Basamma Kurubu Poems Kabbadi
02 B.Tirumalesh 08-03-2006 UKG B.Somu B.Radhamma Boya Poems Kabbadi
03 C.Jagan 12.01.2006 UKG C.Ramakrishna C.Savitri Chakali Poems Kabbadi
04 P.Sunil 22-04-2005 1st P Ranga Nayakulu P.Ratna Kumari Komati Poems Kabbadi
03 D.Anand 08-03-2005 1st D.Ramakrishna D.Bhima Lingamma Dasara Poems Kabbadi